TXMLC Strives to facilitate the medical expert retention process so that attorneys and experts can focus on their respective roles in the legal system.


Texas Medical Legal Consultants, LLC (TxMLC) is a San Antonio based medical legal consulting company that provides management services to a network of elite experts who are committed to providing high quality consulting and testimonial services.  Our goal is to either establish or grow experts’ medical legal practices by providing them with an opportunity to outsource the administrative tasks associated with their legal consulting services.  This process helps reduce the healthcare professional’s non-billable time, minimizes the risk of miscommunication with their clinical staff, increases attorney access to the expert, and simplifies the retention process for all parties.

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TxMLC manages medical legal work on behalf of medical experts located all over the country; however, the large majority of our healthcare professionals reside in Texas.  We work with experts who possess all levels of medical legal experience.  By outsourcing the managerial aspects of medical legal work, healthcare professionals can focus on their role as an expert instead of being burdened with administrative duties..    

Our qualified staff facilitates the expert retention process by staying involved in the case from start to finish.  We act as the expert’s point of contact for screening case inquiries, submitting CVs and fee schedules, handling billing and collection, directing where to send records, making travel arrangements if necessary, tracking report deadlines, and scheduling assistance for teleconferences, medical evaluations, depositions, and trial testimony. TxMLC strives to protect the confidentiality of information for both the experts and the law firms. 

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Law firms are encouraged to contact TxMLC to obtain more information about the experts in our network.   We provide managerial services to a diverse group of physicians, nurses, therapists, pharmacists, and technicians. 

TxMLC will work directly with the law firm in an attempt to connect the attorney with an appropriate healthcare professional.  Our company is compensated by the expert for managing his or her medical legal work and there is no fee for connecting attorneys with our experts.

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